Our lead product 

MED3000 is a topically applied gel which utilises our proprietary  DermaSys® technology, developed specifically for treatment of ED.  MED3000 has the potential to be a highly differentiated product by addressing significant unmet needs in the ED market.

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Speed of action

Data from the FM57 Phase 3 study demonstrated that MED3000 begins to work immediately in some patients, with 60% of patients seeing onset of their erection within 10 minutes of application. In contrast, Viagra typically takes 30 -60 minutes to act. 2

Enables spontaneity

Because MED3000 is a fast-acting topical treatment 1, it has the potential to remove the need for planning of sex associated with oral PDE5i medications.

Supports intimacy

As evidenced in the FM57 Phase 3 study 1, MED3000’s topical application and speed of erection onset means it can form part of foreplay and support intimate sexual experience.

Safety profile

MED3000 was shown to be an effective treatment for ED in the FM57 Phase 3 study and demonstrated a highly statistically significant improvement across all ED patient severities than before treatment along with an excellent safety profile. In addition, adverse events were substantially lower than seen with oral ED treatments.

The efficacy of MED3000 is remarkable and approaches the efficacy of current first line therapy but with significantly lower adverse events. With topical application, it will be of particular appeal to patients who want a fast onset of action. Lack of drug interactions with prescription products will enable the product to be used with other medications such as nitrates and other cardiovascular drugs. It can also be used in conjunction with other ED products to improve overall efficacy to patients. As such MED3000 will be of great interest to the medical community.”

Professor David Ralph

Consultant Urologist at University College London and past president of the European Society of Sexual Medicine

In my humble opinion and as an expert in the field of erectile dysfunction management, I am very supportive of MED3000 and do believe that it offers an important and valid addition to the armamentarium of treatments we can offer our patients for erectile dysfunction”

Professor Arthur Burnett

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, US

MD, MBA, FACS, Patrick C Walsh Distinguished Professor of Urology

Past President of the Sexual Medicine Society of North America

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