A joint venture collaboration has been signed with CBDerma Technology Limited to explore the application of Futura’s advanced proprietary transdermal drug delivery technology, DermaSys® for delivery of cannabidiol.

Derived from both the Hemp and Marijuana plants, cannabidiol is one of the 113 cannabinoid compounds found within the cannabis family. Cannabidiol has no effect on one's consciousness or lucidity. It is generally regarded as non-addictive and non-psychoactive, making it ideal for consideration as a topically delivered molecule for local or regional (non-systemic) use.

In recent years there has been significant interest in cannabidiol as more data is emerging on its potential benefits in a wide range of conditions particularly pain and epilepsy but also in a range of other conditions including skin conditions, multiple sclerosis, migraines, arthritis and cancer side effects.

Cannabidiol’s market potential

The market for cannabidiol products is growing rapidly. A report by Reports and Data forecasts that the market for cannabidiol products is forecast to grow from US$1 billion in 2018 to US$16 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 27.7%, during the forecast period. The market is primarily driven by the increase in the usage of cannabidiol in medical application, supplements, beverages and skin care.

DermaSys® cannabidiol formulation

DermaSys® provides rapid and targeted local delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients at therapeutic levels through the skin to the required site of action with a high level of safety. It is a versatile and bespoke technology that can be tailored to suit the specific active compound being used and the therapeutic indication. Each product is formulated to maximise its benefits for patients and consumers and can be developed for the prescription and consumer healthcare markets as appropriate.

Development joint venture

A joint venture collaboration has been signed with CBDerma Technology Limited to explore the application of Futura’s advanced proprietary transdermal drug delivery technology, DermaSys® for delivery of cannabidiol. All Intellectual Property will be owned jointly by the Company and CBDerma Technology Limited.

CBDerma Technology is a company that has been established and funded to specifically exploit the therapeutic potential of cannabis. The company’s management, backers and advisors have extensive knowledge, expertise and investments in plant derived product manufacturing.

Completion of initial laboratory and optimisation work

As part of a robust formulation process using strict pharmaceutical development principles, Futura carried out extensive DermaSys® cannabidiol formulation work and initial in vitro tests on human epidermis. The studies demonstrated highly efficient penetration of cannabidiol into and through the skin, superior to an established, marketed, comparator product. Additionally, cannabidiol is known to be unstable with many common excipients. CBD100 was specially formulated to minimise this issue and has shown encouraging early stability work, which is expected to ensure potency is retained during shelf-life.

An intellectual property filing has now been made covering various unique aspects of the CBD100 gel formulation.

Futura is in discussions with CBDerma over both the next steps from a development and also commercial standpoint.  A gel that has been formulated using strict pharmaceutical development principles with strong delivery characteristics, stability and high quality could be a very attractive commercial proposition when compared to current market incumbents in either cosmetic or more traditional pharmaceutical markets for cannabidiol such as pain and inflammation. Both options are being examined.