Our core strength lies in our research and development capabilities in the field of transdermal delivery.

Futura’s unique technology, expertise and know how, enables targeted and rapid delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) through the skin to the required site of action with a high level of safety. 

We take off-patent, generic molecules and offer improvements over existing products or create novel indications with compelling commercial potential. This means that our products are highly differentiated in their markets whilst avoiding the risks normally associated with the development of new molecules.

DermaSys® technology - Our unique patented technology

DermaSys® provides rapid and targeted local delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients at therapeutic levels to the required site of action. DermaSys® is a versatile and bespoke technology that can be tailored to suit the specific active compound being used and the therapeutic indication. Each product is formulated to maximise its benefits for patients and consumers.

Such targeted delivery offers an optimised profile in terms of dose, onset time and duration of effect as well as an improved safety profile reducing the risk of side effects due to a lower systemic uptake.

For our erectile dysfunction treatment, MED2005, this translates into a fast onset of action and rapid clearance, with the potential for MED2005 to be the fastest-acting treatment for erectile dysfunction with a favourable safety profile. For our pain relief treatments, TPR100 and TIB200, this translates into effective penetration for enhanced therapeutic benefits with fast, effective and long lasting relief.

Application of gel with API

Combination of solvents including volatile solvents

Seconds later

Volatile solvents evaporate, leaving the remaining solvent supersaturated with API.
The supersaturation powerfully drives API through the tissue

Minutes later

API penetrates the skin rapidly offering rapid penetration or sustained release

Strong IP

DermaSys® is a proprietary drug delivery technology platform with very strong IP offering a high level of product differentiation compared to existing marketed treatments. The use of well characterised generic molecules translates into a lower development risk and potentially a shorter regulatory pathway.